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Swift Accountant - UNIT 12H Abbey Rd East London E15 3NW
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0208 503 0563

Tax for Individuals

Are you someone who is not interested in a long-term accountancy partner? If your answer to the question is yes then you are with your perfect associate. We happily offer hundreds of individuals with impromptu services whenever the requirement arises. Perhaps you are more inclined to manage your own figures but want someone to take on the responsibility of your year-end taxation. Probably you are lagging behind with your accounting records and want an expert to help you catch up. Or maybe you simply need to get your figures up-to-date.

We offer the best consultant and personal service to the individuals based in London. We combine comprehensible, specialist guidance and great client service, effortlessly. To ease, control and obtain peace of mind, we offer a fully tailored professional accounting and tax solution with easy and modern communication tools.

We have an enthusiastic and focused team of tax players who can counsel on every segment of the personal tax. We deliver a high specialized standard of customer service. To attain and maintain the standard we take enough time to recognize and identify with our client’s plans and objectives. We try to connect with the customers throughout the journey from advising to future dealings. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the customized and pioneering guidance to meet your definite financial objectives.

We pride ourselves on the long-standing association with our customers. Our team of expert professionals recognizes that to build this association we must deliver what we assure or convey our clients. We must also be accessible to assist with professional assistance as and when transformations have an impact on the near and potential financial plans. We offer a range of services to private individuals, charities, trusts, and employers as well as to other professionals such as solicitors and accountants, consultants, property investors, retirees, academics, divorcing spouses and more.

Planning, Investigation and Tax Compliance Services

We can offer the individuals based in London, the tax advice that can help your family and you in personal tax planning and returns, property, will and estate planning, inheritance tax planning, tax mitigation by sharing income with your spouse or on marriage breakdown, and in probate services if you are the Administrator of an estate.

When you are planning to invest, our expert professionals can assist you to choose the tax-efficient investments. We have a specialized property team to guide you in tax-efficient investments in property tax-efficient exercise of share options and incentives, and also in optimising tax on the sale of assets.

In case, you have cross-border tax affairs, our dedicated professionals help you with residency and address status and double taxation agreements. In order tooptimise your private and trade taxes, we provide tax services for business owners as well as tax services for employers.

We also deal with HMRC issues and have expert sections which focus on the taxpayers with the most complicated or large personal tax affairs. If you have some trouble with HMRC, our specialized division takes care of all tax disputes, tax disclosures, and tax investigations.